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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 15 1999 11:40am
Subject:Unknown MySQL Server Host (110) Errors
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>>>>> "Jani" == Jani Tolonen <jani@stripped> writes:

Jani> maurice@stripped writes:
>> >Description:
>> Occasionally (a dozen or so times a week), we're seeing the following
>> error logged on our web servers (the host name has been changed):
>> [Thu Sep  2 12:15:32 1999] payment-info.cgi: DBI->connect failed: Unknown
>> Server Host '' (110) at /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.005/CM/ line 22 
>> We're using DBI 1.13 and DBD::mysql 1.2206.  According to perror, error
>> code 110 is "Connection timed out".  


Jani> Hi,

Jani> Looks as if there is no route to host. Something wrong with the
Jani> net. The Perl program is trying to connect to a host that is
Jani> unreachable. Please check first that you can ping the machine that you
Jani> are trying to connect to, from the same machine you have this Perl
Jani> program running.

Another possibility is that you get out of free TCP/IP connections on our
client machine. This may happens if you reconnect a lot.  The fix is
increase the number of TCP/IP connections on the CLIENT or use
persistent connections.

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