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From:Dan Nelson Date:January 30 2003 7:59pm
Subject:Re: Storage issue
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Please don't hijack threads.

In the last episode (Jan 30), Jonas Ask?s said:
> I'm wondering how well MySQL compress data. I'm about to design a
> database which will hold mainly _a lot_ of FLOAT-values, and since I do
> not really know how well MySQL compress data or how I could calculate
> this I'd really appriciate a little guidance.

According to, a
FLOAT takes up 4 bytes.
> 1 value/minute are stored = 1440 values/day. 365 days / year.
> We have 100 different tables with 25 columns each.
> This makes 100*25*365*1440 = 1 314 000 000 values per year.
> How much space (in Mb) could this take up after a year do you think?

5.2GB for storing the values themselves, plus whatever you need for
indexes and other columns (hopefully an id and timestamp at least).

	Dan Nelson
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