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From:Jens-Petter Salvesen Date:January 30 2003 11:12am
Subject:RE: mysqldump, exclude table?
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Actually, you might want to play with sed or perl.

mysqldump -u root --no-create-info -q --all-databases | sed s/'INSERT INTO

is a first draft, although perhaps not optimal in speed. It will remove all
acctlog inserts from all databases. You might want to play a bit with shell
scripting if you need to remove acctlog inserts from only the 'server'

If you are on windows, I believe you will find some port of sed for that
platform as well.

best regards,


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From: Paul DuBois [mailto:paul@stripped]
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Subject: Re: mysqldump, exclude table?

At 11:09 -0600 1/29/03, Ray wrote:
>is they a way to have mysqldump ignore a list of tables, but get everything
>something like:
>mysqldump -ume -psecret -hserver --all-databases
>   --exclude-tables=server.acctlog


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