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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 2 1999 10:52am
Subject:Status of 3.23?
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>>>>> "Brian" == Brian Bray <bbray@stripped> writes:

Brian> I havent heard anything for a while on the status of 3.23.

Brian> It has some features I really am anxious for (sub-selects and views) and
Brian> I'm just wondering how much longer I have to wait??

Brian> Thanks

Brian> Brian


The status is as follows:

We will probably in a few days release a developer version of MySQL
3.23 that will use the new ISAM (which 'should' faster, safer and have
MANY new features.  The current 3.23 version has also a lot of new
'small' features like UDF group functions and true (not fixed number
of decimals) floats.

After this is released we will continue to work on sub selects;  Our
current 'plan' is to get sub selects to work to Linux Expo in May.


Status of 3.23?Brian Bray2 Apr
  • Status of 3.23?Michael Widenius2 Apr