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From:Guy Waugh Date:January 29 2003 11:13pm
Subject:Re: 'mysqladmin slave-st(art|op)' - is it implemented?
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Hello again,

Turns out it is implemented - but it's 'stop-slave' and 'start-slave'. Shoulda done a
'mysqladmin --help'. Grepping the source found it.

- GW.

>Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 11:19:06 +1100
>To: mysql@stripped
>From: Guy Waugh <gwaugh@stripped>
>Subject: 'mysqladmin slave-st(art|op)' - is it implemented?
>I see in the mysqladmin man page for version 3.23.55-1 that 'slave-start' and
> 'slave-stop' have at least been thought of at some stage (they're listed in the COMMAND
> SYNOPSIS section), but they don't seem to work when I try them... I've just been through
> the change logs for version 4, and can't find any mention of them in there...
>Can anyone tell me whether these options for mysqladmin are implemented? If not, can
> anyone tell me whether I can tell mysqld to stop or start replicating from a shell script
> rather than the mysql client?
>Thanks in advance,

'mysqladmin slave-st(art|op)' - is it implemented?Guy Waugh29 Jan
Re: 'mysqladmin slave-st(art|op)' - is it implemented?Guy Waugh30 Jan