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From:Dan Nelson Date:January 29 2003 10:28pm
Subject:Re: problems creating fulltext index
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In the last episode (Jan 28), Salada, Duncan said:
> I'm running Ver 8.39 Distrib 4.0.9-gamma, for intel-linux on i686. 
> I'm trying to create a fulltext index on an existing myisam table and
> running up against an error.  From what I can tell, I'm using the
> alter table command correctly, but I keep getting errno 140.  Can
> anyone point out my error?
> mysql> alter table materials add fulltext title (title,variant_title,
>        ss_title,term_1,term_2,term_3,term_4,term_5,abstract,notes,
>        personal_name_1,personal_name_2,personal_name_3,personal_name_4,
>        personal_name_5,personal_name_6);
> ERROR 1005: Can't create table './lincs/#sql-6d12_7.frm' (errno: 140)
> # perror 140
>   Error code 140:  Unknown error 140
>   140 = Wrong create options

The myisam handler will return a 140 error in a couple cases:  if you
have more than 16 fields in a key or more than 32 keys on a table, if
any of your indexed fields are not text or varchar, or another test
that I can't quite figure out, but I don't think it applies here.

From looking at the code, fulltext indexes have two invisible fields
that count against your 16-field limit.  Your index has 16 fields, so
that's probably what the problem is.  What happens if you try building
an index with only 14 fields?

	Dan Nelson
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