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From:David T-G Date:January 29 2003 9:49pm
Subject:Re: mysql dump for remote db
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Mark --

...and then Mark Stringham said...
% Well it looks like I have limited options. 

Yep.  Hey, you could always host with me ;-)

% I'm guessing that the web host will let me have limited rights to the 
% server as it is - probably only basic FTP and other limited DB rights - 
% I do hve some control using phpmyadmin to manipulate data. 


If I were you I'd just try a quick test.  Whip up a php page that says

    exec("du -h -d 1",$results,$exit) or die("Could not run du\n") ;
    print "space is:<br>\n<pre>\n" ;
    print_r($results) ;
    print "</pre><br>\n" ;
    print "exit code was '$exit'<br>\n" ;

and see what you get.  If it works, whip up another about like

    $stamp = date("Y-m-d") ;
    exec("mysqldump -uUSER -pPASS DATABASE",$results,$exit)
      or die("Could not run mysqldump\n") ;
    print "results are:<br>\n<pre>\n" . print_r($results)
      . "</pre><br>\n" ;
    print "exit code was '$exit'<br>\n" ;

with USER, PASS, and DATABASE set accordingly (and you should check the
mysqldump grammar; this is all right off the top of my head) and if it
doesn't try any of system, `` or popen.

% I'll almost bet that they won't let me run a task from the server. 
% What about running a script from an exe ?

What script, what exe, and what machine?

% thanks 

Sure thing!

% MS

mysql query,
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