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From:Joe Stump Date:January 29 2003 10:35pm
Subject:RE: InnoDB / MyISAM
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Joe Stump <joe@stripped>
"Label makers are proof God wants Sys Admins to be happy."

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I've been looking into switching to InnoDB. I have a few questions though.

1.) Can I do joins between InnoDB / MyISAM tables?
2.) Do FK restraints work if the FK referenced is in a MyISAM table?

I'm trying to get the best of both worlds. I'd have a data table with
FULLTEXT and then have join tables, etc. InnoDB so I can have transactions
and FK restraints. I've looked through the archives and couldn't find any
answers to these questions.

BTW, I'm using 4.0-gamma right now.


Joe Stump <joe@stripped>
"Label makers are proof God wants Sys Admins to be happy."

RE: InnoDB / MyISAMJoe Stump29 Jan