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From:Daniel Kasak Date:January 28 2003 10:24pm
Subject:Re: Access XP crashes regularly when linked to MySQL via MyODBC
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M Wells wrote:

>Hi All,
>My MySQL Server is 3.23.53-max-nt. I'm linking to it via MyODBC
> and accessing its tables via Access XP linked tables.
>For some reason, Access XP crashes regularly in this setup. No
>meaningful error messages, just crashes and reloads after a repair. Even
>more odd (and I only have subjective observation to back this up), it
>appears to only crash when left unattended for a period of time.
>Although, maybe I have that impression because when left alone for a
>period of time equates to running long enough to have encountered a
>Is this a known problem with MySQL 3.23.53-max-nt / MyODBC /
>Access XP?
Yeah I can confirm this problem.
We use MySQL-4.0.x and MyODBC-3.51.x - whatever's the latest.
I have had a few discussions in the MyODBC mailing list about it.
It seems to be a problem with Access XP.
I also noticed that it seems to happen when Access is left inactive for 
5 minutes or more.
This lead me to believe that MySQL is closing the client connection 
after a period of time and Access isn't handling it very gracefully. 
However the period of time isn't fixed, and sometimes it can stay open 
for an hour without crashing. I don't know what's up, but I'm sure it's 
Access' fault. The crash I get is one of those hardcore "Microsoft 
appologises for the inconvenience. Would you like to send a bug report. 
Yes / No" ones. They know they are to blame...

I've called M$ tech support about it, and they only want to hear about 
it after I give them $AUS290. Since it's not really a show-stopper for 
us - just bloody annoying - I've left it at that. They (M$) say they 
will refund the $290 if they find that the problem is actually a bug in 
their software. But I don't really trust them on that. I'd rather give 
the money to TheKompany for a product like which is like Access only I 
assume it doesn't crash so much, and it uses Python instead of visual 
basic. It's not particularly advanced yet, but as I said, I'd rather 
give money to them to improve their product than give it to M$ so they 
can rehash the same trash (and add a few bugs while they're at it) every 
18 months.

One dodgy workaround I've considered is to have a hidden form in Access 
that opens when the database opens. Put a timer event on it to run the 
OnTimer() code every 5 minutes or so. And the code just refreshes the 
form which is linked to a dummy table in MySQL. I haven't tried this 
myself but I have a feeling it will work.

Tell me how you get on anyway. It you need an Australian to back up your 
crash reports I'm more than willing to add my name to the complaints 
list yet again ;-)

Daniel Kasak
IT Developer
* NUS Consulting Group*
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North Sydney, NSW, Australia 2060
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