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From:Guy Waugh Date:January 28 2003 10:12pm
Subject:Re: Replication error: 'Could not initialize master info'
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Hi list,

My original post concerning this issue is below - it was a week or so ago. No replies were
forthcoming, but I'm pleased and a bit embarrassed (so simple) to say that I have figured
it out, and my slave is now replicating from the master.

The problem was that the mysql data directory was owned by root, not mysql. While the
database directories within the data directory were owned by mysql, the data directory
itself was root:root 755. Changing the data directory to be owned by mysql obviously
allowed the file to be written there when I did the 'change master to...'

Original post here:

>Hi there,

>I'm trying to set up replication between two RH7.2 Linux servers running MySQL
> 3.23.54a (mysql RPMs). I've followed the instructions in the MySQL online manual (section
> 4.10 Replication in MySQL), and when I do the following command on the slave:

>change master to master_host='db1', master_user='<not shown here>',
> master_password='<not shown here>', master_log_file='db1-binary-log.004',
> master_log_pos=38456522;

>, mysql tells me:
>Could not initialize master info

>I can't find anything in the error log, and I've set up the replication user on the
> master as outlined in the manual. Both master and slave are currently using databases with
> ISAM tables rather than MyISAM tables (although the 'mysql' database is, of course,
> MyISAM). I'm not using InnoDB tables.

>Can anyone give me an idea of how to troubleshoot this one?



Replication error: 'Could not initialize master info'Guy Waugh22 Jan
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