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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 27 2003 11:10pm
Subject:Re: Adding a user problem
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At 15:03 -0500 1/27/03, Devin Miller wrote:
>I am pretty new to mysql and have been teaching myself slowly how to use it.
>I am however stuck on a problem. I login to mysql as user root and created a
>database named devin. I then issue the following commands:
>ON devin.*
>TO dmiller@"%"
>IDENTIFIED BY "password";
>The command returns a Query ok and 0 rows affected. However, when I try to
>login with dmiller (mysql -u dmiller -p) I get a 1045 Access denied error. I
>have triple checked spelling and such and it looks good as far as I know.
>Any Ideas? Thanks a lot in advance for your help. Btw I am using MySQL ver.

Do you have the anonymous users in your user table that are created
during the initial installation? (The ones with blank User column values.)

If so, delete them, FLUSH PRIVILEGES, and try again.
(Assuming you don't need the anonymous users, which you don't.)

>Devin Miller
>No electrons were hurt in the making of this email.

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