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From:M Wells Date:January 26 2003 12:54am
Subject:Workable solution: writing program to communicate with remote internet MySQL server
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Hello All,

Just thought I'd report back with what seems to be a simple, elegant
solution to my previous inquiry re: writing a program to connect with
the MySQL server that powers my internet site from my desktop PC.

Yesterday I downloaded the latest release of PHP (ver 4.3.0) and, while
reading the announcements and release notes, I noticed that PHP appears
to be positioning itself as not only a dynamic environment for web site
development (and one amply provided with functionality to connect to
MySQL), but also as a serious contender for the local desktop scripting
jobs, presumably in response to the growing popularity of packages such
as Perl / Python / Ruby / etc for desktop tasks.

To this end it appears the PHP team have been developing a command line
interface flavour of PHP to complement the popular web server flavour.
The CLI flavour appears to run oblivious to your local web server
environment and presumably is available even if you don't have Apache /
IIS / etc installed or configured to serve PHP pages (though, I must
admit I haven't had a chance to test whether this is the case). 

And the great thing about THAT, from my perspective, is that
communicating from my desktop PC to my web site's MySQL server on my
host's machines is as simple as:

$db = mysql_pconnect("", "myusername",

In the same script I can easily connect to both my local machine's MySQL
server and my host's remote MySQL server, compare recordsets retrieved
from both and fire synchronizing update / insert / delete statements in
response to any differences. 

As a bonus, I can fire PHP CLI scripts from my box's task scheduler, so
I can write scripts to automatically update my remote server in quiet
times of the morning, or hourly and so on.

I'd also like to thank the several people who communicated with me
off-list re: possible solutions to my list question on this topic. All
of your suggested solutions were helpful and appreciated.

Regards and best wishes,

Murray Wells,
Urban Legend Web Design (ABN 18 635 979 727)

Workable solution: writing program to communicate with remote internet MySQL serverM Wells26 Jan