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From:Steve Edberg Date:January 24 2003 12:17am
Subject:Re: group multiple queries.. if one fails all fail
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This would be called transactions: your're looking for COMMIT/ROLLBACK. As 
far as I know, transactions are only available on BDB and InnoDb table 
types. See

At 12:24 AM 1/23/03 , Ciprian I. Acatrinei wrote:
>I looked a lot and I couldn't find a solution to this problem:
>Ex: I have 5 queries. I run them and one of them fails. The rest are ok.
>So 4 tables are affected and one is not. Is there a way of testing the
>queries if they will be successful and only if all of them are then they
>should be run?
>Thank you,
>Ciprian I. Acatrinei <ciasql@stripped>
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group multiple queries.. if one fails all failCiprian I. Acatrinei23 Jan
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