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From:Christian Mack Date:September 14 1999 7:13pm
Subject:Re: how to access mysql at myhost?
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>                 Hi,
> my free webhost provider offers mysql, as he said in an email to me
> that he supports mysql. since i am still learning mysql what do i need to ask from
> him in order to get mysql database created and running at my host's server? can
> any body help?
> i have tried to access it via telnet but after giving it the usual ftp login and
> password, it says that the password is wrong. I have also tried to connect via
> mysql at my local computer using my host's as the domain and
> then my username and password but it doesnt connect giving me the message saying
> that "the connection was lost to the host at blah blah line of this page".
> What do i do?
> pl help.
> Regards,
> Faisal Khan.

Hi Faisal

Ask your provider after:
A) The hostname or IP address of the mysqld server.
B) The port on which the mysqld server is listening.
C) The database (DB) name which he created for you.
D) The mysql user and password for the above DB.
E) From which IP's or hostnames you are allowed to connect to the above DB.
  -1 If this is only an http server of your provider, then you can't access it from
    your machine with mysql, mysqldump, ...
    Then you should get an separate telnet login for that http server (perhaps
    different to your ftp login).
  -2 If this is the IP range of your provider, then you can connect with mysql,
    mysqldump, ..., but only when dialed in to this ISP (not from somewhere in the
  -3 If this is from everywhere (insecure!) you can use mysql, mysqldump, ... from
    everywhere in the Internet.

With E1 you have to telnet into the http server in order to use an mysql client on that
machine to modify your DB.
If it isn't E1, then you have to install at least the mysql clients on your local machine.
With these you can manipulate the tables in your DB as you like it.


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