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From:Joshua Chamas Date:September 14 1999 7:07pm
Subject:Cacheing Behavior + Performance
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I was working with MySQL 3.22 on NT, and noticed that every
flush_time, my tables are flushed & key buffer cache cleared.  

Why should the cache be flushed when the tables are ?

Is there anyway to get the sync behavior of flushing without
flushing the key buffer too ?  I'm assuming the cache is
flushed because after long idle time, my mysqld is taking very 
little memory.

I'm worried that in production, I'll have 200M maybe 400M in 
RAM cache, and this all getting flushed when mysqld does a
flush / sync.  Seems like this would hurt performance quite
a bit.

Is this really a problem ?  It is only my observations 
with testing.

-- Joshua
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Cacheing Behavior + PerformanceJoshua Chamas14 Sep
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