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From:Christian Mack Date:September 14 1999 6:52pm
Subject:Re: selecting from other db
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Nolberto Rojas Gil wrote:
> i wonder how to display the content of a table contained in other
> database.
> p.e:
> i used this:
>   select db_one.t1.col1 from db_one.t1;
> when i´m using the database: db_two.
> my mysql version is 3.21.33;
> i know that exists more recent versions, but i´ve had intallation
> problems with the newst version for aix.
> Thanks
> Ing. Nolberto Rojas Gil 

Hi Nolberto

You can't make cross DB queries with an 3.21.xx version.
This feature was introduced in 3.22.xx.
So you either have to use the "USE db_one" syntax between queries, or upgrade.


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