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From:Martin Ramsch Date:September 14 1999 6:27pm
Subject:Re: Masking command line passwords (solaris)
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On Tue, 1999-09-14 11:46:13 -0400, Len Rose wrote:
> Subject: Masking command line passwords (solaris)
> It really sucks when you have to run mysql* on the command line with my
> passwords hanging in the process lists for anyone to see.. 
> Maybe I'll have to write a wrapper that exec()'s the appropriate
> mysql* utility just so I can mask it?

This problem also is discussed in the MySQL Reference Manual,
chapter "6.4 Keeping your password secure".

I suggest this method:

| Store your password in a configuration file. For example, you can
| list your password in the [client] section of the `.my.cnf' file in
| your home directory:
| [client]
| password=your_pass
| If you store your password in `.my.cnf', the file should not be
| group or world readable or writable. Make sure the file's access
| mode is 400 or 600. See section 4.15.4 Option files.

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