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From:Peter Grigor Date:January 21 2003 10:22pm
Subject:RE: FreeBSD 5.0 Thread Work...
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Nothing's wrong with Linuxthreads :)

But eventually the SA stuff that FreeBSD has chosen to implement will give
better performance than kernel threads, so I was asking when the Mysql team
was thinking of tackling getting a binary out for 5.0.


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On Mon, Jan 20, 2003 at 02:20:10PM -0500, Grigor, Peter wrote:
> Alrighty then!
> Now FreeBSD 5.0 has been released, what are the plans for mysql to
> the new (really new :) thread implementation.

What's wrong with LinuxThreads on FreeBSD?  It works great with
FreeBSD 4.x.

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