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From:Ken Menzel Date:January 21 2003 2:16pm
Subject:Re: FreeBSD 5.0 Thread Work...
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Hi Dan,
   Thanks for that information,  does that mean (for us simple SQL
guys) that even though I am running 5.0RC3 and can compile and install
MySQL just fine (from ports or with my own script) it is using the
threads library from 4-STABLE branch not the new threads?

Also does this have soemthing to do with the word GIANT0 that keeps
appearing in the 'top' process list?

I was hoping for great things from the 5.0, even with kernel profiling
off (invariants?) the /usr/local/sql-bench runs slower on 5.0.  It is
not a show stopper, but it is noticable and measureable.  I am going
to continue to run 5.0 on my test servers with the hopes of great
improvements.  I guess it will be a few more months before trying in
production to be able to see an improvement.  I don't mind being an
early adopter (with the problems that comes with it),  but it will be
good to see things works better.  It does appear not to creash at all!
(for me).

Guess it just a little early, (Darn)!

A freebsd fan

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> In the last episode (Jan 20), Maximo Migliari said:
> > YES, pretty please, with sugar on top: from now on also make
> > available for us binary distributions of MySQL optimized for
> > 5.0's new threading implementation.
> >
> > There is a very large FreeBSD user base that must not be ignored
> FreeBSD 5.0 has the ability for userland processes to create
> kernel threads.  It does not yet have a POSIX interface to those
> threads, so don't go asking people for kernel threads support just
yet :)
> 5.0 has a lot of new features, but some of them are not complete
> (kernel threads), or not very well tested (sparc64/ia64 ports, MAC,
> ufs2).  The hope is that lots of people will install 5.0 and report
> problems so that 5.2 can be marked -STABLE.
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> Dan Nelson
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