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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 1 1999 10:40pm
Subject:RE: Basic Data Import Query
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>>>>> "Halton" == Halton Internet <info@stripped> writes:

Halton> Thanks Drew
Halton> Yes it is unix and I get the same with

mysql> load data infile '/www/vhtdocs/pet.txt'
-> into table kennels
-> fields terminated by ','
-> enclosed by '"'
-> lines terminated by '/r'
-> (name, address1, address2, town, county ,postcode ,bustype ,telephone
-> ,fax);
Halton> ERROR 13: Can't get stat of '/www/vhtdocs/pet.txt' (Errcode: 2)


The errcode 2 means:
shell> perror 2
No such file or directory

Are you sure you have the above file one the same machine where the
mysqld server is running ?

If not, try the command 'LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ...'

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