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From:Krzysztof Karski Date:January 21 2003 9:32am
Subject:replication problems with InnoDB tables...?
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So I have been reading a lot lately about replication but I can't find a 
good summary/explanation of MySQL's replication features regarding InnoDB 
tables and how their transactional properties may cause problems in 

I have seen suggestions that InnoDB tables should be converted to MyISAM 
tables before being loaded and then converted back to InnoDB tables.

I have also seen many others here confused as to what problems there are 
between InnoDB and replication.

So, could some friendly MySQL guru please explain to me, and many others, 
what the replication issues with InnoDB tables really are...please? The docs 
state that InnoDB is replication safe yet there seem to be so many problems 
with them when updates fail, roll back or are partially executed because 
some constraint conflict that causes replication to stop.

Kris Karski

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replication problems with InnoDB tables...?Krzysztof Karski21 Jan
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