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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 14 1999 2:32pm
Subject:Server crash on 3.23.2
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>>>>> "Joseph" == Joseph R Junkin <jjunkin@stripped> writes:

Joseph> I have a situation where I am able to crash a 3.23.2 server every time.
Joseph> Whenever I access my db server from one of three hosts (each on
Joseph> different domains) all works fine. I have been running with no problems
Joseph> for a long time.

Joseph> But I just put a new machine up and when I try to access the db server
Joseph> with either DBI or 'mysql -h x.x.x -u username -p' from the new machine
Joseph> the server crashes INSTANTLY. Two of the 'mysqld' processes running
Joseph> under user mysql vanish, as does safe_mysql under root. I have to kill
Joseph> the remaining mysqld process before restarting. The same machine will
Joseph> access it's own mysql db without problems.

Joseph> I am going to try a different linux kernel (RH6 SMP tried 2.2.12, 2.2.8)
Joseph> and then I will simply reload the machine. This is probably just a
Joseph> system setup problem, but I noticed that it is similar to:

>>> Johan Isacsson wrote:
>>> The problem is that the server hangs when certain hosts tries to connect to
> it ...

Joseph> Joe Junkin


Can you grab 3.23.3 and check if this works?
(3.23.3 is now released, but it will take a short while until it has
propagated to our mirrors).

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