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From:Matthew Phillips Date:January 20 2003 10:05pm
Subject:is there a floating point type bigger than double?
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We need to store numbers that exceed the precision of the DOUBLE
datatype. The mysql manual makes no mention of a size bigger than
DOUBLE. Storing the number as a string is not preferable because of the
extra space a character string would take up. One thought is to store
two integers: the digits to the right and left of the decimal place. 

The question is: is there an easier way to do this that would take up
less space than a DECIMAL column... perhaps something like a long double
column. Have I exhausted the available options? I got the feeling that I
am going to have to go with the int*2 solution but I decided I would
check with the 'experts' first.

Matthew Alan Phillips
is there a floating point type bigger than double?Matthew Phillips20 Jan
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