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From:Dan Nelson Date:January 20 2003 9:54pm
Subject:Re: FreeBSD 5.0 Thread Work...
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In the last episode (Jan 20), Maximo Migliari said:
> YES, pretty please, with sugar on top: from now on also make
> available for us binary distributions of MySQL optimized for FreeBSD
> 5.0's new threading implementation.
> There is a very large FreeBSD user base that must not be ignored :)

FreeBSD 5.0 has the ability for userland processes to create multiple
kernel threads.  It does not yet have a POSIX interface to those
threads, so don't go asking people for kernel threads support just yet :)

5.0 has a lot of new features, but some of them are not complete
(kernel threads), or not very well tested (sparc64/ia64 ports, MAC,
ufs2).  The hope is that lots of people will install 5.0 and report
problems so that 5.2 can be marked -STABLE.

	Dan Nelson
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