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From:Michael Widenius Date:April 1 1999 10:37pm
Subject:safe shutdown
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>>>>> "matthew" == matthew mcglynn <mcglynn@stripped> writes:

matthew> I see that the manual recommends adding a call to mysql.server
matthew> to rc.local, to effect auto-starting of mysqld.
> (<>)

matthew> Am I correct in inferring from this that mysqld will receive
matthew> and act appropriately upon the SIGTERM sent out by the shutdown
matthew> command on a Linux host ?


matthew> Another way of asking this is whether mysql.server should
matthew> be linked as a 'K' file within /etc/rc.d/rc0.d ?


matthew> Are there any situations in which it would be beneficial to
matthew> have /etc/rc.d/rc0.d/Kmysqld as a symlink to mysql.server ?
matthew> Or is this just unnecessary in all cases ?

Sorry, I can't answer this one..

matthew> We're using the latest MySQL, 3.22.20a, binary release, 
matthew> under RedHat Linux 5.2 (2.0.36). The threading library is whatever
matthew> is standard to RHL 5.2.

matthew> --
matthew> matt.

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