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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 18 2003 2:34pm
Subject:Re: Perl DBI secret command?
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At 9:39 +0000 1/18/03, Jeff Snoxell wrote:
>just stumbled across the following piece of code:
>my $rowcount = $sth->rows();
>And I checked it out compared to a count of the fetched rows from an 
>SQL QUERY. AND It matched exactly!
>BUT, I can't find the command "rows()" in the DBI documentation.
>What's the story? Have I unearthed a conspiracy?

You probably looked for it with parentheses.  When you do find it, you'll
note that it discourages use of the rows method for SELECT statements,
and recommends that you count the rows yourself as you fetch them.


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