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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 14 1999 12:43pm
Subject:Re: A Recursive Subquery is...
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>>>>> "Thimble" == Thimble Smith <tim@stripped> writes:

Thimble> At 15:18, 19990909, felix k sheng wrote:
>> Select id, name, LEVEL
>> from Tree
>> START WITH pid=0 CONNECT BY pid=id
>> And that will walk down arbitrary levels of relation and return it
>> to you in some nice ordered fashion (note that LEVEL is a pseudocolumn
>> that is automatically set to the depth of the current row).

Thimble> Yes, I see how that is very useful.  I suppose other vendors have their
Thimble> own extensions for handling trees/graphs inside relational tables.  I
Thimble> suppose this could be done with a PROCEDURE in MySQL, but it'd be a bit
Thimble> backwards (MySQL procedures work with the result set, they don't produce
Thimble> the result set).  It'd be better to work it into the language directly.


The default behaveour of a MySQL procedure is to work with a result set 
(by the means of hooks) but one can do almost anything withing one
(but something like this would require a lot of code (at least +500

At any rate, select trees are on the todo (but not that high yet).

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