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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 14 1999 12:01pm
Subject:last_insert_id() within MS Access?
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>>>>> "Foley," == Foley, John <John.Foley@stripped> writes:

Foley,> 	How do I go about using the LAST_INSERT_ID()
Foley,> function within Microsoft Access 97? I'm probably missing
Foley,> something simple.
Foley,> 	I have a number of tables that need to be relationally 
Foley,> pre-populated, but i need to get the master tables last ID.
Foley,> 	I have an SQL pass-through query that returns the ID
Foley,> if run immediately after the master table insert, but am unable
Foley,> to grab the value to be used on a form or in VB code.

Foley,> 	Any ideas?


Do you mean that access doesn't allow you to execute


Have you tried it as a 'pass through' query?

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