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From:Martin Ramsch Date:September 14 1999 10:08am
Subject:Re: Perl
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On Tue, 1999-09-14 10:53:48 +0100, A. Brandic wrote:
> I have a perl script, which connects to Mysql datase. The select 
> statement is as follows:
>  my $sth = $dbh->prepare( qq{
>                 SELECT code,
>                 FROM codes, table2
>                 WHERE something="$something" AND
>             }) || die "Can't prepare statement: $DBI::errstr";
> Now to print code I do ,  print ($code);  which is fine.

There must be some more DBI calls present like fetchrow_array and
bind_col.  Otherwise $code wouldn't have the right values!

Better show us more of the code that you've tried, and what errors or
results you get, - then we maybe can help!

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