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From:Martin Ramsch Date:September 14 1999 12:46am
Subject:Re: select the last row of data
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On Mo, 1999-09-13 19:01:34 -0500, Ted <r_m_m@stripped> wrote:
> My question is how to write a SQL statment that can select only the
> forth row of data from the table.  In row 1,2,4 they have the same
> Name and Group, but different age to identify they are not the same
> person.  (this is a dummy data, it might make no sense to you) My
> expected result is selecting only the row 4th.

Did you already have a look at chapter "8 MySQL Tutorial" of the MySQL
Reference Manual?  There are some example queries for different tasks.
I guess chapter "8.3.2 The row holding the maximum of a certain column"
is what you need here ...

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