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From:Maximo Migliari Date:January 15 2003 8:26pm
Subject:Re: To BLOB or not to BLOB
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It depends on what kind of comparing you will be doing.  Text is 
case-Insensitive for comparisons, blob is case-Sensitive.
Generally I find that for pure text, TEXT type is better.  For files and 
texts that need to be compared case-sensitively, use BLOB.

Either way, for images, and any other binary content, you HAVE to store as 
a blob.  I wouldn't do it though.  I would have a varchar field that stores 
the location and name of the file, and have the file be stored in the 


At 12:17 15/1/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Is it wise to always assume that a file content is always binary and hence 
>store it
>in a MySQL BLOB type, even if the file may be only a text file?  Your 
>thoughts on this would be appreciated.
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