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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 15 2003 6:54pm
Subject:Re: Help with SQL statement?
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At 16:40 +0000 1/15/03, Jeff Snoxell wrote:
>I've got a varchar field in a mysql table that contains 'N' numbers 
>(each a maximum of 4 digits, not zero padded) separated by spaces 
>when more than 1 number is present.
>eg. field content might be any of the following
>'123 4567 1234 45 3'
>'3 4 6'
>I want to select only those records that do not contain a certain number.
>Problem I have with using LIKE "%MyNum%" is that obviously this is 
>going to match "3" against "123" which I don't want it to.
>Is there something I can use like Perl's "word boundary" pattern match code?
>My statement so far is:
>SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE RefList NOT RLIKE "\bMyNum\b" # Where \b 
>is a word boundary

Yes, you can use REGEXP and the ugly [[:<:]] and [[:>:]] markers:

... WHERE RefList NOT REGEXP '[[:<:]]MyNum[[:>:]]' ...

>Many thanks,
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