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From:Chris Trown Date:September 13 1999 8:53pm
Subject:Re: [mySQL] Spiders and Robots
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On Mon, Sep 13, 1999 at 04:37:32PM -0700, d e l   d h a n o a scribbled:
> Hello,
> I have a question concerning spiders and robots.  Is a spider/robot a little
> program written in PHP which searches the web for sites and then enters them
> into a databse automatically?

     Writing a robot using PHP would be a neat trick.

     Spiders are written in many languages, usually C/C++ or even Perl.

> If so I would really like to learn how to program one.  Does anyone have any
> tutorials/articles on this subject so I can learn?
> Also, does anyone know of any open source code for spiders/robots?

     There are enough spiders in the world, please don't create another.

     Yes, there are spiders out there that are open source.  HT://Dig
( is one that comes to mind.

     You can do a search on Yahoo for interesting web pages.  One that I used
to visit often when I was researching these things is:


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