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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 13 2003 11:11pm
Subject:Re: Removing users
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At 23:40 +0100 1/13/03, Stefan Hinz, iConnect (Berlin) wrote:
>>   That would work but is there no way to completely remove their
>With REVOKE, you can partially or totally revoke privileges from users.
>What you can't do with REVOKE (in MySQL) is to erase a user completely.
>For this, you will have to DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE User =

Better specify the Host value as well, in case you have multiple
accounts with the same User value.  :-)

>You can even use this as an alternative way to remove users. You need
>two statements for this, just in case ...
>DELETE FROM mysql.user WHERE User = 'user2bremoved';
>DELETE FROM mysql.db   WHERE User = 'user2bremoved';
>Opposed to GRANT and REVOKE DELETE will not cause the server to notice
>the privilege changes. You need another statement for this:
>This will force the server to reload the grant tables, and thus, the
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