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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 13 2003 11:10pm
Subject:Re: Upgrading to version 4.
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At 23:45 +0100 1/13/03, Stefan Hinz, iConnect (Berlin) wrote:
>>  My company's website is running version 3.23.53a, and the main client
>>  uses MySQL is PHP 4.2.3.  Will mysql_connect() no longer work in
>>  PHP?  Although this manual entry is talking about the C API functions,
>>  assume PHP uses these to communicated with MySQL.  Perhaps I might be
>>  wrong, but I would like to just double check.
>PHP's mysql_connect() is just a wrapper around the C API mysql_connect.

Huh?  PHP's mysql_connect() has been using mysql_real_connect() for
several years now.

>As the manual says:
>"This function is deprecated. It is preferable to use
>mysql_real_connect() instead."
>I assume that PHP 4.2.3 is already using mysql_real_connect(). If this
>is not the case, I'm quite sure (if no one here disagrees ;) that PHP 5
>And I'm really sure that it will always be called mysql_connect() in
>PHP, just to keep things easy.
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