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From:Christian Mack Date:September 13 1999 6:42pm
Subject:Re: Please Help
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Max Zilberman wrote:
> Hello People,
> Here is the problem, hope someone has an answer.  I am using mysqld version
> 3.22.24 on NT
> I go a message "table XXXXXXX is full" in the MySQL manual I found that is I
> use SQL_BIG_TABLES=1 then this problem goes away.  True but new error
> message says "Can't create/write to file '\\sql1_0.ism' (Errcode: 2)"  if
> this is a filename then I am missing a hostname somewhere.  I have tried to
> start NT service with optional parameters, but nothing seems to solve this.
> Please help.
> Max Zilberman

Hi Max

I had this problem too.
You didn't set a valid (accessible) --tmpdir.
You should set this in the global C:\my.cnf configuration file.
tmpdir = C:/tmp


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