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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 12 2003 2:35pm
Subject:Re: What's the point of SET fields?
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At 11:18 +0000 1/12/03, Jeff Snoxell wrote:
>I've setup a mysql table field which is a SET type, but it seems to 
>be completely pointless. I can't see why I should use a SET type 
>rather than a string for the following reasons:
>1. I appear to be able to store whatever I want in there. MySQL 
>doesn't enforce the rule that what I stick in there must be items 
>from the set I defined when I defined my field.

I'd like to see any example of this, if by "store" you mean that you can
actually get MySQL to store (rather than ignore) items in a SET column
that are invalid according to the column definition.

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