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From:Christian Mack Date:September 13 1999 5:58pm
Subject:Re: mysqlimport file defaults
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David Button wrote:
> Hi
> I am (still!) trying to get mysqlimport to function properly. I am
> assumming that the text file defaults are the same as LOAD coomand ie
> tab delimited, fields not enclosed.
> I am therefore NOT using the options --fields-terminated-by=string or
> --fields-enclosed-by=string.
> The effect of this is to make my database on the MySQL server 'lock up'.
> ie I can no longer perform selects etc or even connect to it. This is
> very awkward as it is hosted by an isp.
> This seems perculier. Even if my text file is in the wrong format,
> surely I should just get an error message?
> Can anyone throw any light on this? My isp can't.
> David

Hi David

In order to help you we need more infos.
1) which mysql version is your server?
2) Which version is your mysql client software (mysqlimport)?
3) How does the exact commandline look like?
3) How does your table look like (the one you want to import into)?
4) How does the text file look like (some example rows)?
5) How are the results after importing (the example rows out of the db table)?

mysqlimport is designed to run in scripts.
Because of this, it tries to insert everything you give to it without aborting with an
error message.


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