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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 12 2003 1:25am
Subject:RE: PHP4 Secure connection parameters
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At 16:52 -0700 1/11/03, David Rock wrote:
>Show variables says have_openssl = NO for the binary version.  I compiled
>and installed the source version using "--with-vio --with-openssl=/usr/bin"

Try --with-openssl without any argument and see if configure finds your
OpenSSL installation location by itself.  If not, use the pathname
to the directory where the libraries, header files, etc. are located.
The directory you supplied is the one where the openssl program is
located, which isn't what configure wants.

To see what kinds of things configure is looking for, pull it into
an editor and sure for "openssl".  You'll see which directories
it looks at trying to determine your OpenSSL installation location.

>and it still says have_openssl = NO.  I'm not sure what path -with-openssl
>is expecting but other than that I'm not sure where to look next.  FreeBSD
>4.6 says OpenSSL is installed as part of the base system and indeed it does
>seem to be installed, or at least something called the "OpenSSL Toolkit" is
>installed and I have the /usr/bin/openssl command available.  I'm not
>getting any errors in the mysqld log when I start the server, just no SSL
>support.  I'm hoping someone can throw some thoughts out here.
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>Subject: Re: PHP4 Secure connection parameters
>At 9:09 -0700 1/11/03, David Rock wrote:
>>I'm trying to use SSL connections with MySQL 4.0.8-MAX and FreeBSD 4.6
>>the online manual and have a question about section Requirements
>>"Configure MySQL with --with-vio --with-openssl".  Since I installed the
>>version isn't it already "SSL ready"?  Where do I add the --with-vio
>>--with-openssl parameters and does --with-openssl need a path also?  What
>>should it point to?  Any help appreciated.
>--with-vio and --with-openssl are for configuring from source.  If you
>installed a -max server from a binary version, those options don't apply.
>To see whether your server is SSL capable, use this query:
>mysql> SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'have_openssl';
>| Variable_name | Value |
>| have_openssl  | YES   |
>If it is, you'll see YES.  If not, you'll see NO or no output at all.
>>David Rock
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