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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 11 2003 4:38am
Subject:Re: host table in mysql database
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At 15:15 +1100 1/10/03, Guy Waugh wrote:
>Hi there,
>I'm cleaning up MySQL permissions on one of my servers, and I see 
>that in the table, there are 8 rows. All 8 rows contain 
>specific hosts in the 'Host' column (i.e. no wildcards) and specific 
>databases in the 'Db' column. Further, all rows in all privilege 
>columns in the host table contain 'Y'.
>I see from reading Paul DuBois' MySQL book that MySQL ANDs 
>privileges in the host table with privileges in the db table, 
>allowing administrators to revoke particular privileges for users 
>connecting from particular hosts.
>Can anyone tell me, then, if the host table is currently having any 
>effect on permissions? I'm thinking not, as a logical AND of the 
>host table 'Y' and the db table 'Y' or 'N' will result in the 
>privilege recorded in the db table.


Also, given what you say in the next paragraph, the host table will never even
be consulted.

>Also, Paul's book says that the host table is only checked if the 
>'Host' column in the relevant client's row in the db table is blank, 
>and all rows in the db table contain values in the 'Host' column. So 
>on that fact alone, it looks like I can delete all rows in the host 
>table without permissions being affected...?

On that fact alone, yes.  Perhaps you simply have rows in the host table
because you were experimenting with it at some earlier time?

>Just wanted some opinion/advice before I potentially get myself into 
>trouble ;-)

You can always back up the tables in the mysql database first. :-)

>Thanks in advance,

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