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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 7 2003 5:12pm
Subject:Re: Weird WHERE clause possible?
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At 10:37 -0500 1/7/03, Lefevre, Steven wrote:
>I'm developing a web-site database. There is a form on one page where a user
>can search for a student by typing in a last name and submitting it.
>Sometimes there can be more than one student with the same last name, so I
>want the user to be able to type in "Smith, J" (where normally they type
>The problem (as I see it) is that I'm storing the last name and the first
>name in two seperate fields. I can make an SQL statement like "Select * from
>Students Where LastName Like "Smith%";", but can I make something like
>"SELECT * FROM Students WHERE (LastName, ", ", FirstName) AS Name LIKE
>"Smith, J%";"

You might find the CONCAT() function useful for this.
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