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From:Jon Halton Date:April 1 1999 8:21pm
Subject:Basic Data Import Query
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I have a data file of about 1100 records I am trying to load into a number
of columns of a mysql database I am using the following syntax:

mysql> load data infile '\www\vhtdocs\pet.txt'
-> into table kennels
-> fields terminated by ','
-> enclosed by '"'
-> lines terminated by '/r'
-> (name, address1, address2, town, county ,postcode ,bustype ,telephone
-> ;

and get the error

ERROR 13: Can't get stat of '\www\vhtdocs\pet.txt' (Errcode: 2)

It seems to be having problems finding the file. Where on the server would
it be looking? Where would the file normally be saved?

Also is there any other problems you can see with the syntax I have used?

An example entry of the file is as follows:

"abc kennels","hill farm","","Newcastle","Tyne & Wear","NE7 7LZ","Boarding
Kennels","0191 2550000",""

each line is terminated by a carrige return

Thanks for your help.

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