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From:Adolfo Bello Date:January 5 2003 10:29pm
Subject:RE: Multiple SQL files
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> I have multiple SQL files that create different tables.
> Is there a way for me to create a single SQL file that will 
> call these 
> other files?
> Since I am using phpMyAdmin, I am assuming that call this file from 
> phpMyAdmin?!

Since phpMyAdmin is a HTTP interfase, I don't think it is possible to do
The server (Apache, IIS, etc) would have to know the location of the files
in the client machine, which is not possible in a stateless connection.

What I do is to have a script (bat for DOS or bash for Linux) making the
calls to the sql scripts. Something like:

mysql -h yourhost -u root -pqwerty < script1.sql
mysql -h yourhost -u root -pqwerty < scriptN.sql



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