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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 5 2003 12:49am
Subject:Re: How to Unlock a row?
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At 7:07 +0800 1/5/03, Clyde wrote:
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>Subject: How to Unlock a row?
>>  Hi,
>>  Using MySql with InnoDB files you can lock rows for update.
>>  Eg select * from customer where cusomerID=1 for update
>>  I assume these locks are release when the the records selected are
>actually updated
>Does this still hold true if MySql is running in autocommit mode?
>And therefore does the query "select * from customer where 
>cusomerID=1 for update" only make sense to use if autocommit is OFF? 
>IE if Autocommit is on, and you run this query, are the records 
>still locked, or has an implicit COMMIT been issued because we are 
>running in autocommit mode - thus releasing the record lock.

The latter.  In auto-commit mode, each statement is its own transaction.


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