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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 4 2003 10:44pm
Subject:Re: Access control lists on rows?
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At 14:39 -0800 1/4/03, Steven Nakhla wrote:
>I know I can restrict a user's access to a table with
>the GRANT command.  However, is there any way to
>restrict a user's access to individual rows within a

Not with MySQL's grant tables.  You have to control this kind
of thing through application logic.

>   For example, if I were using a SQL table to
>hold binary data (utilizing it like a filesystem, for
>example) could I restrict a user from reading or
>writing to or from certain rows within the table?  Has
>anyone implemented something like this before and
>could give me some insight?  Thanks much!
>Steve Nakhla

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