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From:Paul DuBois Date:January 2 2003 10:17pm
Subject:Re: filters
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At 16:06 -0600 1/2/03, Aaron Scribner wrote:
>you guys are going to really hate me for this.  I just signed up for this
>list and I am asking st00pid questions already.
>I am using Eudora and trying to filter these messages.  I set it up to
>"monitor" the To: field, however this is not doing anything.  I also
>noticed that there are no tags in the Subject lines of the messages sent to
>the list, that is what I usually use to filter messages.
>Does anyone have any tips for filtering these messages using Eudora?  I
>just sub'd to 7 different MySQL lists and cannot get any of my filters to
>work right.  and sorry for the WOB.

Click on the blah blah blah button of the message window for one of
the list messages and you'll see all the headers, including the List-ID:
header that's useful for filtering MySQL list messages.

>- Aaron

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