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From:Simon K. Grabowski Date:December 30 2002 10:38pm
Subject:Re: Replication priority / speed
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>>> Or, alternatly, is there a way to limit the slave thread to only "X"
>>> bin-log transactions per second?
>> There is not.
> Any plan to add this feature?  I would think it'd be useful...

Wouldn't it be better to *solve* your problem instead of going
around it?

> MyTOP says our key efficiency is 97.35%, with an average of 1.24 q/sec (on
> the master--  most queries are done directly on the slave, with only
> updates happening on the master).  We've optimized things as best we can. 

1.24 q/sec doesn't sound loaded at all.
How many queries/second do you see on your slave box?
How many slow queries per hour?

You say you that most queries are done directly on the slave.
Why don't you spread the SELECTs across both boxes?

> The problem is our customers are allowed to bulk-load keywords into our
> database, which causes about 4 large tables to be updated quite a bit. 
> Whenever this happens, the slaves struggle to get caught back up...

Have you tried enabling DELAY_KEY_WRITE on the 4 tables that
your bulk-loader updates?

Why not spread the bulk-load in time, so that the keywords aren't
added instantly?

Why not modify your software so that it doesn't read from the
slave while your bulk-loader runs?

Can you give some more information on your master & slave config?
(hardware, OS, MySQL show variables, show status)

Simon Grabowski
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