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From:Paul DuBois Date:September 12 1999 1:45pm
Subject:Re: mysqlimport
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At 8:11 AM -0500 9/12/99, Henry F. Marquardt wrote:
>I'm new to mysql and my first real effort here is to migrate some data off
>of a wintel box .... i've exported the file to be comma delimited, double
>quoted text format.
>I ftped the file to the linux host to fix cr/lf issues.
>I have a table defined with all of the right column defs and I'm running as
>root both in the database and login.
>I initiate with the following command:
>mysqlimport -p -v realestate fares
>I'm propted for the password and here is the session:
>[root@oscar hmarq]# mysqlimport -p -v realestate fares
>Enter password:
>Connecting to localhost
>Selecting database realestate
>Loading data from SERVER file: /home/hmarq/fares into fares
>mysqlimport: Error: Can't get stat of '/home/hmarq/fares' (Errcode: 13),
>when us
>ing table: fares
>[root@oscar hmarq]#
>So what am I missing? There isn't a man page for mysqlimport and I've even
>got the O'Reilly text, but there is no expaination of error codes.
>Using the online man I translated it to the sql equiv and ran in mysql and
>received the same error (though I did learn to use the seperated and
>terminated clauses;)

By default the server will try to read the file on the server host.
That's okay if you are running the client on the server host as well,
*except* that you'll need the File_priv privilege, which you probably
don't have.

Specify the --local option and mysqlimport itself will read the file and
send it to the server.  Then you don't need File_priv.

Paul DuBois, paul@stripped
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