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From:Paul DuBois Date:December 24 2002 7:29pm
Subject:Re: wildcard '%' for host in mysql.user table broken
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At 12:37 +0300 12/24/02, clread@stripped wrote:
>  >Description:
>The command
>         GRANT ALL ON dbname.* TO larry@"%" IDENTIFIED BY 'larry123';
>properly changes the mysql.user table.  However, if I subsequently
>attempt to use the mysql client like this
>         mysql -h <myhostname> -u larry -p dbname
>and enter 'larry123' at the password prompt, I get an error:
>         Access denied for user: 'larry@myhostname' (Using password: YES)

When you try this, are you running the mysql command on the server host?

If so, you're running into problems that are due to the anonymous-user
entries in the mysql.user table.  Remove them, issue a FLUSH PRIVILEGES
statement, and try again.  The problem will go away.

>But this is wrong, it seems. If I look in the mysql.user table,
>I find this line:
>         % | larry | <encrypted password> | ...
>suggesting that the correct information is there, but that
>the wildcard '%' is not working.

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