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From:lateef ayinla Date:December 22 2002 12:13am
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Dear  sir,
i  come  across   your    manual  [mySQL  Reference]  when  browsing   through  the 
internet,  i  read it  
but  i  didn't   understand  it.  i   like to develop  software  of  my  own   through 
writing   software
programs   but  don't   know  how  to do it,  i would  like you  to  teach  me   how  to 
write  software
programme.  i want  to   use  it  to  find  people's   data  and   information  on the 
this is    because  i've  lost  contact  with  most  of  my  friends  in  usa.  i want to
use the  software 
programme   i'm  asking   you   to  teach me to find  their  whereabout.     i'm   a  
beginner  in   internet
browsing    i want  you  to teach  me  exclusively  how  to  software use  progmmam
to   find  people  information.  i    will   expecting  your  repy  soon. thanks  for  

biola  rufai

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